Kavitha Gutta

A Golden Threads Production

Our Story

Raised in a country with glorious arts and colorful festivities, falling in love with India and its culture is inescapable. 

Our founder, Kavitha was not only inspired by art and craft legacy, but also found an immense passion in reinventing them. It was then Golden Threads was founded in the year 2010 with a notion to create enchanting apparel with a traditional idealism for the modern woman.  

Since then signature prints, opulent organic fabrics and intricate embroideries are employed in creating stunning collections every season making the label a visual one. Each of its creations is handcrafted to perfection, with meticulous attention to aspects such as cut, color, drape and feel of the garment. Adoring the brides with over the top attires designed with beautifully hand-crafted embroideries and hand woven textiles made Golden Threads stand out.

 We have been designing customized outfits for brides over the years under our brand name Golden Threads. In 2018 we ventured in to an exclusive bridal brand focusing on producing stand out couture pieces under our founder's name Kavitha Gutta. 


KAVITHA GUTTA - A Bridal wear with a great mix of traditional and modern creativeness for the 21st century woman.

Kavitha Gutta loves to mix traditional elements in to a modern aesthetic, which is why we strive to strike a glamorous balance between hand-woven textiles, embroideries with modern design elements using bright and bold colors

KG bride's style is classic, elegant and modern. KG bride adores traditional textiles and their craftsmanship and and wants them to fit in to her modern wardrobe. 

Through one on one services on phone or in store we help brides create an event bursting with beautiful garments reflecting of their unique personalities.